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“Miracle healing water” has a connection with Molecular Hydrogen 

“Miracle healing water” has been found in several specific locations around the world. Thousands of people travel to these locations to acquire some of this “miracle healing water” to experience health and healing benefits. Some of these locations include: 

  • Nordenau, Germany

  • Lourdes, France

  • Tlacote, Mexico

  • Nadana, India

  • Hunza Valley, Pakistan 

Studies have been conducted on these “healing” waters and it was found that they contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Molecular hydrogen in these waters is a result of water reacting with alkali-earth metals, or from hydrogen gas producing algae and bacteria. 


First water ionizers creating water rich in molecular hydrogen - similar to the waters from the above locations - were developed in the early 1950’s in Japan. By 1958, first commercial water ionizers were available and used in various hospitals in Japan. Now, with the availability of in-home ionizers, many households across the globe enjoy hydrogen rich water in their homes.


image from Hunza Valley, Pakistan

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