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Our bodies are made of 60% water and we drink water EVERY SINGLE DAY. 
We hear a lot about what food to eat and not eat 
...but what about water?

Not all water is created equal. 

Kangen Water® is produced by a Japanese medical-grade in-home water ionizer. Kangen Water®, with its negative ORP, molecular hydrogen rich, and alkalized properties, is highly antioxidant and highly anti-inflammatory for your body.  

Molecular Hydrogen Rich 


Kangen water contains active molecular hydrogen. This property is what makes Kangen Water® a great antioxidant. Active molecular hydrogen fights free radicals in the body. 


What are Free Radicals? 

Free radicals are created by oxygen molecules splitting into single atoms with unpaired electrons. Since electrons like to be in pairs, these electrons scavenge within our bodies to pair up with another electron, damaging proteins, DNAs, cell membranes in the process. This is called oxidation or oxidative stress. 


But not all free radicals are bad for us. Our body needs certain oxidants for optimal health. So, what’s so great about active molecular hydrogen is that they are selective. This means that it is able to go into our body and only attack the free radicals that are bad for us such as hydroxyl free radicals.

Since hydrogen is the smallest known antioxidant, it is able to reach into our cells and our brains where other antioxidants cannot enter. 

Final H2 Smallest Antioxidant.png

Negative ORP

ORP stands for Oxygen Reduction Potential. The value of ORP represents how much a material is capable of oxidizing or reducing another material. For example, when you slice an apple and leave it out for a few minutes, that portion of the apple that is exposed to the air browns. In this case, the apple is oxidized by the oxygen present in the air. 


When looking at the ORP value: 

  • The more positive the ORP value, the more oxidizing 

  • The more negative the ORP value, the more antioxidizing

Oxygen Reduction Potential


We’ve all heard of all the benefits of eating antioxidants right? Kangen Water® is highly antioxidant. To put it into perspective, it would take 5 lbs of blueberries to get the same antioxidant benefits from 2 glasses of Kangen Water®. 


But isn’t too much antioxidant bad? 


Too much antioxidant is said to cause an imbalance in the body but it depends on the type of antioxidant. But, as mentioned in the previous section, molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant and it only targets the most damaging free radicals.




There is a misconception that the body's pH can be changed with diet or with water. Our bodies are incredible and they already have natural systems in place that take care of the pH in the bodies. However, when environmental acidic influences overwhelm the system, our bodies lose efficiency in how well the waste is cleaned up.  So, in these instances, we can assist our bodies in regulating and in the recovery of optimal pH.


For example, after an intense exercise, blood is slightly acidic due to build-up of lactic acid and other internal waste products. Research has shown that drinking alkalized water after heavy workouts can shorten recovery time. This is why many professional athletes like professional MMA fighters, professional football players, and professional basketball players drink Kangen Water®. 


Kangen Water® is alkalized water or alkaline ionized water. Electrolysis is the only way to create alkaline ionized water. This is the only type of “alkaline” water that is researched by medical scientists, doctors and has been found to have various health benefits. Other terms for alkalized water used by scientists and medical professionals include electrolyzed reduced water, alkalize reduced water, reduced water, ionized water. 


Alkalized water is different from alkaline water. Alkaline water is created by adding minerals to the water to change the pH of the water. This is a chemical change whereas alkalized water is created by electrical and structural change. When alkaline water is ingested regularly for a long period of time, these minerals in the water can build up in your system and can cause adverse health effects. 

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